Avoca's First ever Vineyard - established 1864, re-established 1999



Established in 1864 as "Hedon Farm" by Edwin Horatio Mackereth with the first vines planted in 1887, the Mackereth family operated vineyards and wine shops in Avoca until family tragedy and economic down-turn drove them out of business in 1929.

Re-established in 1999 by entrepreneur and winemaker Matthew Barry, Mackereth House wines combine the best of moden winemaking techniques and hundreds of years of tradition and history. Planted in one of Australia’s most distinguished and distinctive wine regions – The Pyrenees - the wines are distinguished by their full-flavoured roundness and complexity.

Mackereth's Hedon Farm is the original winery & vineyard and operates as a seperate business.

Mackereth House wines are produced locally from local vineyards and honour the wonderful tradition of a true nineteenth century pioneer. The values and traditions of true handcrafted quality that brought fame to the Mackereth name 130 years ago are as important now as they were then.

Email us on Info@MackerethHouse.com.au to buy wine as well as trade or export enquiries.